The Practical Guide to Surviving Your First Year of Freelance Writing


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a self-employed freelance writer?

The "free" in "freelancing" can be misleading.

When I looked into freelance writing as a creative outlet and potential career, I read article after article about "how great freelancing is."

Most people highlighted the benefits — like total autonomy and a flexible work schedule — while glossing over the downsides, such as constant rejection and paralyzing self-doubt. They painted a rosy picture of rainbows and butterflies.

That's not only unrealistic but also an outright lie.

Anyone that's sold on that pipedream is in for a rude awakening.

So, I created a resource for aspiring freelance writers that's honest, transparent, educational, and reliable. I want to pull back the curtain on the world of freelance writing and shed light on both the ups and downs.

Every day of 2020, I wrote about my journey as a self-employed business owner. (Think of it as a "diary" of a freelance writer.) I shared lessons, emotions, challenges, successes, and more.

After reading through my 366-day journey*, you'll see what it takes to write full-time and run a business. Strategy, finance, marketing, networking, client acquisition — you name it.

It's a lot for one person to handle, which is why I wrote this book. I want you to be as prepared as possible to take on this challenge.

By spotlighting the day-to-day life of a freelance writer, I hope to provide insights that you can use to...

  1. Determine if freelance writing is for you
  2. Inspire new ideas and approaches for you to incorporate into your freelancing journey
  3. Avoid mistakes that would otherwise set your business back and delay your success

*Of course, 2020 had to be a leap year.

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You'll learn how to (1) make a seamless transition from your current job to entrepreneurship, (2) set up your business's finances, (3) set higher-than-average rates to help you break even sooner, (4) land clients within your first month of freelancing, and (5) overcome the inevitable self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

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The Practical Guide to Surviving Your First Year of Freelance Writing

I want this!